The Aliens, referred to as 'Precursors' by Humans, or the Ieokassans by themselves are an extremely advanced race of individuals who hail from the planet Nelforkossakiou in the Triangulum Galaxy. They have had outposts on Earth and several colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Ieokassans achieved warp flight at a very early stage in their development, finding the technology to enter the warp after a race (whom they refer to as "Primordials") had previously inhabited their planet left it there. As a result, the Ieokassans traveled the stars and started developing their own starships faster than other civilizations.

Establishing strongholds on many planets in their region and the civilization of the Ieokassans thrived for many decades.

During this time the Ieokassans developed a religion around the Primordials and tensions grew between various religious factions in their civilization.

The factions experienced disagreements on how to treat Primordial artifacts and war broke out. The resulting war nearly destroyed their civilization before an Atheist group gained control of the homeworld, Nelforkossakiou and put an end to the war.

The resulting government created an Empire, led by Belsokakuie'Cesaritive 'Versoe (the First Emperor) they reconquered their former Empire and soon the entire Triangulum Galaxy.

This was nearly 20,000 years ago.


1200px-M33 - Triangulum Galaxy (1)

The Triangulum Galaxy, the Ieokassan home galaxy.

The Ieokassans maintain almost complete dominion over the Triangulum Galaxy, where their technology and culture are unmatched.

The government of the Empire is ruled by a Teflonikyuai (roughly translated to Emperor) and his aides, the Nelgalike (roughly translated to Archon). The Archons enforce the Emperor's rule and are feared by the lower ranks. The arrival of the Archons to a Ieokassan installation brings a sense of great urgency to all Ieokassans on site, as this usually means the Emperor has a bone to pick with someone there.

The Ieokassan political system is relatively simple, whoever is the most

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Ships used by the Empire, this particular design ranges from combat to research.

powerful is in power. If a rival Ieokassan faction manages to take out the Emperor and his Archons and stake their claim to the leadership: they will become the new rulers of the Empire.

The Ieokassans maintain their home galaxy, Triangulum (which they call Aewarfta) with the highest degree of vigilance. Entire worlds in the Triangulum Galaxy have been turned into planetwide cities, contain unknown amounts of advance technologies, research centers, defense areas, and palaces. The life of the Ieokassans has become one of luxury.

The Empire also maintains large swabs of territory in the Milky Way Galaxy (which they call Caritaqri).

The Ieokassans' territory in the Milky Way also spans over the Human home system of Sol and the neighboring stars. They have declared this an exclusion zone that no ships are allowed to travel in without authorization from the sector Archon, the Ieokassans maintained an outpost on Earth before abandoning it out of fear the Humans would discover it.

The Ieokassans regard the Humans as below their concern, however enjoyed studying them for many years and even made changes to their genetics while they were there. For the reason of considering them below their concern, they have left Earth and the surrounding stars empty so nature can it play it's course. The Empire also clashes with many milky way races on the galactic frontier, though no war has formally broken out.


The current Emperor is Tenochui'Ozymandias'Qaarfgru who resides on the gigantic capital station over Nelforkossakiou.

300px-Ethiopian anthem (since 1992) in amharic

Ieokassan script.

He has been in power for nearly 124 years, the third longest reign of any Ieokassan Teflonikyuai.

The culture of the Ieokassan stressed the importance of unity, and the fact that there is no god and that nothing is holy.

Ieokassans hate religion, and will only express emotions in private or when in the company of family or those they trust.

Present day

In the present day the Ieokassanite Empire has been around for 23,000 years and is advanced beyond belief. The Ieokannites are also aware that the Humans have discovered their facility in Earth's arctic.

What exactly to do about this is being debated about and heavily disputed in the political webways of the Ieokassans. The current Teflonikyuai is also under threat from other power hungry Ieokassans and visits from the Archons have become increasingly frequent.

There is also an on-going war with multiple hostile races in the Milky Way.