Classification Level: Top Secret [Declassified]

Location: Northern Antarctica

Personnel Involved: (5)- Dr. Sergei ██████ (Deceased), Dr. Valentina ████ (Deceased), Dr. Vladimir █████████ (Deceased), Dr. Boris ████ (Deceased), Lieutenant General █████ ███████ (Deceased)

Reason: Contain and research anomalous entities located ██ kilometers ████ of the South Pole known as Anomaly-005

Length of Stay: 5 years unless otherwise stated (2 years completed)

Entity Description: Anomaly-005 is the group designation for 9 human beings, ages 4-11, who gained anomalous properties as a result of Project 001: "Twins of God" by the former government of Karoria. Due to improper use of Anomaly-005, resulting in the death of a high ranking staff member, termination was necessitated. As a result, Anomaly-005 was put into its current containment. All 9 instances of Anomaly-005 are functionally brain-dead, but continue to display signs of life despite the nature of their containment.

Anomaly-005 instances emit massive amounts of gamma radiation, often in excess of ███GJ, in distinct patterns. When separated these patterns appear random, however certain characteristics become evident when the instances are brought together and as such, each instance is contained roughly ████ from any other instance of Anomaly-005. Additionally, Anomaly-005 are noticeably radio-luminescent. Video observation of Anomaly-005 instances is impossible when instances are active, as video recordings experience decay of footage when instances are on screen.

Anomaly-005 instances are capable, when within a range of no greater than 20m from any other instance of Anomaly-005, of long-distance termination of objects, places, or individuals. Additional information regarding this property is detailed later in this file.

By order of the Overseer Council, Anomaly-005 has been classified as a Biblical-Volatile entity.

(EDIT: As of 2/17/2052, the whereabouts of Anomaly-005 are unknown after the EXTOL raid on the facility. Since the facility self-destruct system was tripped and was used, it is unknown if Anomaly-005 was destroyed before being acquired by EXTOL)

Findings: Inconclusive/Incomplete