The Second Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was formed in 2000 by Russia, the Baltic States, Finland, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia under extreme reform of communist ideals.

The USSR fell in 2053 following a war against Caledonia, Ispirium, Impor, Poland, and the NAU.


The Premier of the USSR rules the nation, and serves life terms unless an electoral petition reaches 40% of the population. The Premier has the ability to veto, create bills, and mobilize military forces. The Premier is also in charge of all Ministries and Government Divisions.

The Deputy Premier of the USSR serves as second in command for the USSR. The Deputy Premier is appointed by the Premier after his or her inauguration. The Deputy Premier has the ability to pass and create bills in the Supreme Soviet Assembly. The Deputy Premier also takes the position of Premier if the existing one dies.

The Speaker of the Supreme Soviet Assembly of the USSR is in charge of the Supreme Soviet Assembly. The Speaker has the ability to pass, and create bills in the Supreme Soviet Assembly. The Speaker is also in charge of most diplomatic missions/trips.

The Supreme Assembly Assembly of the USSR is in charge of passing and creating legislation for the USSR. They also have the power to appoint and impeach government officials excluding the Premier's Cabinet.

The Premier's Cabinet of the USSR oversee and direct ministries, departments, and divisions in the USSR.

Current Government Officials

Premier: Mikheil Zacharov

Deputy Premier: (Name to be determined)

Speaker of the Supreme Soviet Assembly: