Pierre Joseque is a former Karorian naval Corporal who is leading or in a command position of EXTOL. Born in Marseille, France he was alive during the Karorian administration of France. He has appeared in many EXTOL propaganda videos and press releases, always adorning a gas mask and black officer's cap, he is sometimes referred to as the "spokesperson"

Early Life

Joseque was born in 2024 where he lived most of his early years in in Marseille. When Joseque was 16 he was arrested by Karorian authorities for breaking and entering. He was presented with an option by authorities, to serve 3 years in detainment or preform 1 year mandatory naval service. At the end of his mandatory naval service he decided to stay in the military. Here he would soon rise to the rank of Corporal.

EXTOL Career

He is either believed to have led the EXTOL convoy to Antarctica or a commanding officer at that. He has since assumed leading position in EXTOL and has been the public face of the organization.

He is believed to live in Antarctica with the rest of the EXTOL personnel.