The North American Union is a politico-economic union now located in former British Columbia, Canada. It formerly span the US & Canada, but in 2053, the USA broke off and a revolution caused the Northern Republic to be formed in the rest of it's land.


"For security, peace, and order we must unite our two nations and create a steadfast front for democracy in a world of tyranny." - Union Charter 1:15

The North American Union was founded in 2052 to stabilize relations between the previously warring United States and Canada. Through months of negotiations the United States agreed to pull out of the occupied territories in Canada which were under congestion from riots against the US occupation, and Canada agreed to the construction of the Barring Pipeline; these points would prove vital for the finalization of the Union.

With the ever increasingly heated situation in Europe with EXTOL and the Soviet Union, as well as many diplomatic mishaps the need for a Union became ever more supported by the general public, who were initially skeptic of the concept of a North American Union. The public were already scared of an overflow of the Karorian war into North America, and this was cited as another point for the creation of the Union.

On January 14th, 2052 the Union was founded. Elections for a democratically elected President were set to take place in December of the same year.

On June 1, 2053, the United States of America broke from the union following a public referendum.

On November 4, 2053 a revolution caused the Northern Republic to become independent from the NAU.


While the United States and Canada are legally bound to the Union, and are subject to the authority of the Union Security Forces; the entities still have separate regional governments and represent a large factor of electoral votes.


Presidential cabinet meeting, members of Parliament are also present.

The Government runs on a democratic system, holding elections for executive offices every 5 years. The Parliament is the chief organ for democracy in the Union, passing legislation and making laws. Executive power lies in the President of the Union, who is also elected every five years. He appoints his cabinet based on merit and qualification. The government also cracks down heavily on ethnic nationalism, in order to keep the Union intact.



Union Security Forces, on a standard patrol in Reno, Nevada

The North American Union took over the military assets of both of the United States and Canada, making it a force to be reckoned with. The Union Charter states this regarding the security forces:

"The Union and it's democracy must be protected at all costs, so a grand security force must be allocated to protect our children and safeguard our future." - Union Charter

The Union spends 678 billion dollars annually on their military.


Armored Personnel Carrier used by the Security Forces.

And boasts a larger navy and land force, not to mention and air force that monitors global air space 24/7 and uses the early warning system and other aerial defense systems. The Union also employs and maintains the entire United States nuclear arsenal. While a large amount of the Union's military is classified, an annual report is released by the Union Department of Defense detailing budget and reserves.


"In order to preserve the humble nature of our people, we must secure our values and our traditions. From holidays to everyday tradition, we will stand by it." - Union Charter

The Union has campaigned in favor of western values, and has made huge donations to Christian organizations and cultural groups.

Christmas is considered a national holiday and public celebrations are held regularly. However minority holidays such as Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Wicca are recognized and dealt with by the Union Department of Demographic Affairs. The school system also respects the right of students to not partake in religious holidays. Along with this the freedom of religion and freedom of speech is heavily valued by the Government.