Han Sun is the first president of the North China Republic.


Early life (2015 - 2038)

Han was born on August 15, 2015 in Beijing, China. His father was an officer in the People's Liberation Army, and his mother a nurse. He had two older brothers, the latter was seven years older than him. During his high school years, his two brothers had already begun careers - the oldest as a member in the People's Liberation Army, and the younger as a worker in a Chinese manufacturing company. Around this time, he began searching for a career to pursue, but to no avail.

At eighteen years of age, Han went to college at the People's Liberation Army Academy of Art, and studied in the Department of Troop culture. After going through college, he began training in the People's Liberation Army. From college and training in the academy, he learned various military tactics from his instructors. After graduating, he immediately went into service in 2038.

He served in the military for fifteen years (2038 - 2053) and eventually decided to resign after his father died. After attending his funeral, Han moved to Beijing and lived there for the next year.

Civil War of China (2054)

On March 19, 2054, protests began in Beijing. While Han was not among them, he began to agree with what they were protesting - protests against communism in China. After the protesters were forced out of Beijing, Han went to join them, and shortly after the Anti-Communist Rebellion was formed. Their objective was clear: to end communism in China and overthrow the president. At first, they wanted to refrain from causing havoc, but the People's Liberation Army gave them no choice but to use violence. It was at this point that civil war was officially declared.

Independence and a New Country (2054)

Through a short war, the Xinjiang capital city of Urumqi was captured by the rebels, and the rebellion began training a military at a secret location in the region's desert. The Anti-Communist Rebellion also received aid from the Czecho-German Republic, who sent weaponry and trainers. Eventually, in May 2054, the rebels had taken Inner Mongolia and the northern regions of Gansu, Ningxia, and Shaanxi. The five regions, under rebel rule, declared independence from the People's Republic of China, and formed the North China Republic in May 2054.

After quick elections, Han became the first president of the North China Republic, with Zhihao Song as his vice president. However, his term was short-lived as China would not accept opposition, and began to assault the border. North China's military attempted to secure the border, albeit only succeeded with an extremely loose control of it. At some point, a group of separatists in Tibet began an uprising in their region, and they formed an alliance with North China in an effort to take over Tibet in return for independence later on, as their own country. The alliance attempted to attack the city Lhasa, but they were held back by the People's Liberation Army at a lake in northern Tibet.

After the alliance was disbanded, several attacks were made on North China. Zhihao Song was assassinated at some point, and mere weeks later Han Sun was also assassinated by the Chinese. It was after this that the North China especially began to crumble, and was eventually taken over by China.