The German Reich (Deutsches Reich) is a state that dominates most of central Europe and is the only Nazi state in the world.

The country came about after extreme nationalism had brewed in Czecho-Germany for half a decade, culminating in a parliamentary coup and the declaration of a 4th Reich.

Germany quickly established dominance in Europe, targeting countries that neighbored it. Poland was the first to be invaded, oddly similar to the situation in WW2.


The government is a form of National Socialism, however it has denounced the anti-semetic and genocidal views of the old Hitler regime and has a national day of mourning for victims of the Holocaust.

The National Socialist Party controls the government with all government officials being members of it. In party elections are held for various public positions.

The head of state is the chancellor who selects and vice chancellors and various ministers for his government. The chancellor is chosen by the Party Committee after a public debate, the current chancellor is Wilhelm Strasse.

Germany has allied with the Europa Suvernost and Great Britain, forming a formidable European axis.


Prison Guard Melee

Common German foot soldier in 2055.