Frederick Martin Thomas (born November 23, 1997) is a Czecho-German politician, former and final president of Czecho-Germany, and former Chancellor of Czecho-Germany.

He was born in Dresden, Germany where he lived until he was 18, when he enlisted in the German Navy. He remained in the navy until 2054, when he announced his candidacy for President of Czecho-Germany and was elected months later. Following that, the office of President was later abolished, and he resigned, taking a seat in the Bundestag in order to be elected Chancellor.

Early Life

Frederick was born on November 23, 1997 to Anton & Elizabeth Thomas in Dresden, Germany. Anton, his father, worked in a factory in Dresden, and his mother, Elizabeth, worked at home, taking care of him and his four siblings.

At the age of 18, Frederick graduated high school, and immediately enlisted into the German Navy.


Frederick joined the navy in 2017, at the age of 18, where he spent over a year in training. Following that, in 2022, after the formation of the UEF, the navies' of the largest UEF countries' were combined, and he continued working radar on large frigates. He quickly rose through the ranks. Eventually getting to rear admiral.

Following the Ispirian invasion of the UEF, he enlisted in the Ispirian navy, where, after meeting with Ispirian Naval officers, he was able to keep his rank along with thousands of other UEF-German navy members.

In his short time in the Ispirian Navy (2 years), he mainly worked on commanding fleets, through multiple wars, including the Ispirian navy during World War III (Ispirian-Karorian front), and the USSR-Ispiran war.

After the independence of Czecho-Germany, Frederick Thomas was appointed the position of Inspector of the Navy for Czecho-Germany, where he worked as that position for four months.

Chancellor of Czecho-Germany

First 100 Days

The inauguration of Frederick Thomas as the 2nd President of Czecho-Germany was held on Friday, May 22, 2054. In his first week as president, Thomas requested the formal resignation of Czecho-German UN ambassador Ambroz Ludek, and the Czecho-German ambassadors to Ispirium, Britain, France, and Impor. Which he then appointed new people to take the positions. Stating that former president Hanz Steiner made the appointments in a rush and that they were horrible picks. He also signed an executive order prohibiting immigration from Iceland, Spain, Karoria, and the Northern Republic following the recent pro-Karorian terrorist attacks and assassination of president Hanz Steiner, the order is to last for six months.

Thomas also advanced the Czecho-Germany and Chinese Rebel partnership, delivering Leopard 2AE tanks and ammunition to the rebels, along with military trainers to train Chinese Rebels in western China.