Antares Industrial often referred to as just Antares is a Karorian conglomerate focused on Space-exploration, Nuclear science, and military development. Producing large amounts of materials for Karoria's Project Nino and ANUBIS programs.

Recent investments

Antares has invested heavily in space programs. The ANUBIS missions is their most recent large investment in which they helped make the ANUBIS transport.

They have also produced numerous firearms for the Karorian military. Making any thing from high caliber bullets to heavy shells. They have also helped produce the Osiris-class thermo-nuclear submarine for the Karorian marine services; though the details of this are high classified.

Recently, Antares has opened a contract with the NAA providing refits for their ships, including state of the art targeting systems and new micro-processors.

Space programs

Antares has stated that it wishes to forefront human exploration in Space, stating their Mars program is the first of these steps. They have also said they intend to "Take the limits of human exploration to Zeta Reticuli and back!" The exact details of their space program remain highly shaded by the Karorian government.