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From the ruins of an obscure old society, has arisen a new age of empires in which morality has been thrown to the wind and man once again vies for territory on the world stage. Ruins of the old society dot the landscape like tombstones upon the blazing battlefield. Nations have adopted dominate or be dominated, diplomacy is a thing of the past.

The question is, will you be dominated?

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August 2017's Featured Character!
BallerTy, also known as Vexelon or Bear-down, is the son of God and awaited Messiah in the Church of BallerTy. Assimilator of Millions, Supreme Ruler of the South Pole! Holder of Slaves, Technological Nightmare, Destroyer of Continents! BALLERTY!
I asked BallerTy, "How much do you love us?" And BallerTy replied, "This much," and stretched his arms on the cross and died for me.