This is the official guide on categorization on the Alternate History Roleplay Wiki. All articles must be categorized correctly if they are to be eligible for featured status. To start this guide off...

  • All pages must be categorized - This makes everything much cleaner and organized, allowing for easy navigation through the wiki. When pages are categorized, readers and editors alike are able to find a page they are looking for with ease. As a side note for admins, make sure to frequently check the Pages without categories section, and correctly categorize any pages that editors have failed to do.
  • Secondly, categories must not be overdone. What this means is, if - for example - a character has been through many stages of a role (e.g. Navy seaman through Navy captain), then the only category that should be listed in the categories section is the highest role they received (in this case, Navy captain). Admins will be sure to find out whether a page is overdone in such a way, and will correct it for you. This makes it so that some category pages and articles are not clustered.
    • Countries should be categorized as what region they are in (e.g. European countries).
  • Do not make new categories unless absolutely necessary. Most categories will already be made, and if they are not, only make a new one if necessary. Admins will be sure to verify or decline these category creations, and if you are not sure whether you should make one, then contact one of our admins, we are here to help.